Rental Application & Policies

Rental Application & Policies

To apply for one of our rentals, please do the following:

  1. Download Rental Application
  2. Print the Application and completely fill it out and sign it.
  3. Download Rental Policies
  4. Print the Rental Policies, initial second page, sign last page.
  5. Drop off Application and Rental Policies at 2245 38th Street East, Minneapolis, OR call the office for other arrangements.
  6. BE SURE to include your application fee(s) and at least 2 pay stubs to verify income. We will not process your application without payment.

NOTE: An application fee of $40 per person is charged for tenant verification.

Rental Policies

1. Application – A rental application must be submitted by each applicant over the age of 18 along with an application/screening fee of $40.00 for each adult applicant with a different last name. The screening fee is nonrefundable except as provided below. Each applicant must provide a current and valid government-issued photo ID and at least two current paystubs at the time the application is submitted. Acceptable forms of ID include a state driver’s license, identification card, U.S. military identification, or a current passport. Information on the application must be complete, legible, and verifiable. Submission of a false, misleading, or incomplete application, or an application that contains material omissions or non-verifiable information, is a basis for denial or termination of a lease approved based on a false or misleading application. Failure to be truthful or making material omissions on the rental application shall be a breach of the lease and grounds for eviction.

2. Lease, Paperwork, Security Deposit – We reserve the right to show any apartment and accept applications for that apartment until a rental application for that apartment is approved, any required security deposit has been received, and a lease (with all applicable addenda and rules) for that apartment has been signed by all parties.

3. Screening Fee – The screening fee listed above must be submitted with the rental application. The screening fee is applied to the costs of our resident screening and the use of the screening service that we use. We will not take an application and a screening fee unless we have an apartment available or unless we reasonably believe that an apartment will be available in the future. Our decision about whether or not to rent to an applicant shall be based on the screening criteria listed below.

4. Background Screening Service – With the rental application, we use a tenant screening service to check the following on the prospective tenants record:

Rental History – go to number 5 below
Household Income and Credit History – go to number 6 below
Criminal History – go to number 7 below
Unlawful Detainers/Evictions – go to number 8 below

5. Rental History – Positive rental references are one of the most important things we look at in screening applicants. We seek and review rental history references that support your history of complying with lease terms, timely payments of rent, and otherwise complying with leases, the law and all community rules, regulations, and housing requirements. You must provide the name and last known telephone number of each landlord/property manager for each address you have had for the last three (3) years. Roommate references are not acceptable. Your failure to disclose an address of record in the last three (3) years is cause for denial of your application. An insufficient rental history by itself will not be a reason for a denial unless the you withhold negative rental information in bad faith. A prior landlord’s providing a negative reference will be grounds for the denial of your application. If you fail to provide any required information to avoid a negative reference, the application may be denied. In the case of first-time renters, young people, students, new immigrants to the United States, and prior homeowners, we reserve the right to vary the rental history requirement if all other aspects of the screening are favorable.

6. Household Income and Credit References – Household income must be equal to 2.8 times the monthly rent for the apartment. For persons not able to meet this requirement, we reserve the right to accept co-signers who do meet the requirement.

7. Criminal History – We will screen for criminal history, and an adverse criminal record history may be a basis for the denial of an application. We will not deny an application based on misdemeanors older than three (3) years or for most felonies older than seven (7) years, with the exception of first-degree assault, first degree arson, aggravated robbery, murder, first-degree manslaughter, kidnapping, or first-degree sexual conduct, that are older than ten (10) years, all measuring from the sentencing dates. In addition, applications of persons convicted of the illegal manufacture or distribution of a controlled substance, or where a household member is subject to a lifetime sex offender registration, will be denied regardless of the age of conviction.

8. Unlawful Detainers/Evictions – Unlawful detainer or eviction case history will be checked. Evictions within three (3) years where there was a judgment or Writ of Recovery against the applicant, or within one year where the eviction was settled with no judgment or Writ of Recovery, measuring from the application date, may be a basis for denial of an application.

9. Pets – Some buildings allow certain pets. For buildings that do allow pets, we will require a pet deposit in addition to the security deposit. In addition, we may require an additional monthly charge per pet and an animal addendum or license agreement. Applicants should check with management regarding the policy for their particular building. We provide exceptions to this policy for accommodation animals provided the applicant complies with our accommodation verification forms and procedures.

10. Denial of Application – In the event that your application is denied, we will notify you within 14 days of the denial the reasons for denial including any criteria that you failed to meet, and the name, address, and phone number of any screening agency or other credit reporting agency used in considering the application. In the event we deny an application for a reason not listed in the above screening criteria, the application fee shall be returned to you.

11. Equal Opportunity – Innovative Properties, LLC, is an equal opportunity housing provider. We do not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, creed, national origin, ancestry, marital status, religion, disability, or sexual orientation. We will make reasonable modifications in rules, policies, practices, or services when accommodations may be necessary to afford a disabled person equal opportunity to use and enjoy housing. If you wish to request a reasonable accommodation, please let us know.

12. Business Relationship – The relationship between a landlord and tenant is a business relationship. A courteous and business-like attitude is required from both parties. We reserve the right to refuse rental to anyone who is verbally abusive, swears, is disrespectful, makes threats, or is “under the influence,” is argumentative, or in general displays an attitude at the time of the apartment showing and application process that causes us to believe we would not have a positive business relationship.